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Security Class Master

Security classes simplify the task of maintaining user access to individual aspects of the application. AdvantEdge puts you in control of who can access and update data within the system, and this tool makes the job straightforward and highly flexible.

Think of the security class as a grouping of functionality. For example, the normal day-to-day user of AdvantEdge will probably need to create and update contact notes, finances, family members, household information, and be able to generate contact requests and responses. Making this happen is easy. First, you would create a security class named, for example, 'Normal Day to Day' (this may actually be named anything you desire). For this security class, you would then check the boxes that correspond to the above options and uncheck all other options. After saving this security class, you would simply navigate to all users that fit into this group and assign them to the 'Normal Day to Day' security class. This security class appears in a dropdown listbox along with all other previously created security classes. If a user changes job functions, it is a simple matter to navigate to that user and change the security class to something more appropriate. If none of the existing security classes reflect the job function, all you need do is create a new one!

Any number of security classes may be created with any combination of options. This gives you superb flexibility in creating an easy to maintain security system.

Click the image above to see a larger view of the Security Class Master window. Point your mouse at individual items on the window to see concise descriptions of those items. If you wish to return to this window, you may click the "Return to Description" link on the larger image or on the Security link in the menu.