Organizational Structure

The AdvantEdge System is structured around the concept of a single governing authority with one or more member organizations. The authority is responsible for configuring AdvantEdge on a global scale; the general terminology used, what options are configurable, how security is implemented, and so on. Once the authority is properly configured, each organization can tweak their particular configuration to supply options that are specific to them or remove options that they currently wouldn't need.

For example, AdvantEdge allows for the dynamic configuration of what we term "unit types". Unit types may be dollars, cans, boxes, bags of clothes, gallons of oil, gallons of gas, etc. A plethora of unit types are first configured for the authority. Subsequently, each organization will pick and choose from these existing unit types and, optionally, create new ones. For example, one of our organizations may choose to use dollars and gallons of oil from it authority's list of unit types and additionally add "dental sealants" since they also deal with children's dental assistance. When fulfilling a request from a client, the dropdown listbox for Units would include dollars, gallons of oil, and dental sealants. Any other organization in the authority would not see "dental sealants" as an option unless they also chose to add that to it's list of unit types.

This process is described more fully in the Configuration section; specifically under Master Types and Type Lists.

As you can see, this provides each organization with the capability of having a customized dropdown list of unit types that are specific to their methodology of doing business. This concept is pervasive throughout AdvantEdge. In general, every dropdown listbox you see within AdvantEdge is configurable to some degree.