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Contact Merge

In AdvantEdge, as with other multi-user applications, there is a possibility that a contact can be entered multiple times. If, for instance, a contact gives incomplete or erroneous information to one or more organizations, or the contact legitimately changes names, the contact may be created more than once. Because of these and other situations, the capability of merging the information from all of the duplicate entries must exist.

In AdvantEdge, the function 'Merge Contacts' is found under the main 'Contact' menu. When clicked, the Contact Merge search screen is displayed. This is identical to the Contact Search screen except that it sets up the resulting screen for the merge. On that screen, the radio buttons 'No Action', 'Merge Contact' and 'Make Primary' guide AdvantEdge on how to treat each contact. By default, 'No Action' is selected for each contact. To merge selected records, the user will select 'Merge Contact' for each contact that will be merged into the 'primary' record which will be indicated by selecting the 'Make Primary' button for a single contact in the list. To summarize, at least one contact has to be marked as "Merge Contact' and only one contact may be marked as 'Make Primary'.

Once all contacts on this screen are properly indicated, the user simply clicks the 'Merge Selected Contacts' button. Another screen with a summary of actions is presented to the user. Upon acceptance, all pertinent information is merged into the primary contact. This information includes address history, transaction history and contact notes. All contacts that were merged are then flagged so that they will not appear in any searches, reports, etc. These records are not deleted so that they may be referenced later in case of system or user error.

Click the image above to see a larger view of the Contact Merge and Potential Duplicate Contacts window. Point your mouse at individual items on the window to see concise descriptions of those items. If you wish to return to this window, you may click the "Return to Description" link on the larger image or on the Contact Merge link in the menu.