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The Household

Within AdvantEdge, the household is defined as a contact's place of residence and all pertinent information that is related to that residence. It identifies physical location, directions to that location, telephone numbers, ownership information, etc. It also serves to group related contacts living at a particular address.

Note that you may have multiple households living at a shared address. This is most commonly found at a boarding house where related and unrelated individuals may share the same roof. For example, you may have a single contact, John Doe, that lives in a boarding house room. Also living in this boarding house is a family, the Johnsons. In this instance, John Doe is considered a single household. The Johnson family is also considered a single household. In AdvantEdge, both households would be shown to live at the same address.

Click the image above to see a larger view of the Household Information window. Point your mouse at individual items on the window to see concise descriptions of those items. If you wish to return to this window, you may click the "Return to Description" link on the larger image or on the Household link in the menu.