At True North, we have 6 major development goals for AdvantEdge. These are not in any particular order since we feel each is required and equally important in their own right.

  1. Reduce and eliminate overlapping services between member organizations
    As we're sure you know, distributing federal and state dollars comes with the responsibility to not distribute too much. AdvantEdge is designed to help member organizations determine when a client is at their maximum while allowing the flexibility to override if the need arises.

  2. Support the agency's right to privately distribute services
    While several of our organizations obviously want to provide federally and state funded services, most also desire to provide assistance from their own coffers and feel that this giving should remain private to their respective organization. AdvantEdge gives them this capability.

  3. Maintain client confidentiality
    Our database is encrypted. Our transmissions are protected with 128-bit SSL. We use logins and passwords to gain access to the application. And if we ever feel the need to do more, we can issue and require the use of client certificates so that we know who is on the other side of the wire. While we don't currently maintain sensitive information, we do acknowledge that, in the future, we may. Our contacts and organizations will be protected!

  4. Provide wide geographical accessibility to information
    AdvantEdge may be reached from any computer that runs MS IE 5.5 or above and has an internet connection. Anywhere, anytime.

  5. Maintain the uniformity and accuracy of data
    A major disadvantage of the computer systems some of our organizations were using prior to AdvantEdge was the fact that so much of the data was in free format. This made detailed reporting and statistical analysis virtually impossible. Therefore, virtually every field that carries with it a potential for analysis is contained in user-selectable fields: dropdown listboxes. These are highly configurable, as you will see when viewing our Configuration section, and provide our agencies with a higher degree of accurate data entry and therefore substantially greater accuracy in reporting. AdvantEdge also verifies contact addresses with the USPS online in real time. And, as soon as we get clearance from the SSA, we will also verify the legitimacy of social security numbers in real time.

  6. Maximize the cost/benefit ratio and keep costs of service to a minimum
    Foremost in our minds is a sincere desire to help our community. Making our member organizations more efficient, eliminating the duplication of services, and making federally and state mandated reporting less burdensome all help to give our organizations more time and funds to distribute to those that are in need. Keeping our charges reasonable is an integral part of this as well!