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The Family

While "family" is initially defined as related and non-related individuals living together in a household, AdvantEdge takes the definition one step further by maintaining a history of the evolution of the family. Individuals marry and have children. Children grow up and move into new relationships and households. Couples divorce and live in separate residences.

As clients come in for services, AdvantEdge is updated to reflect these changes in the "family". At any point in time, you can see who lives where, with whom, and how they relate. And, since AdvantEdge updates happen in real-time, these changes are immediately accessible to other facilities and organizations that share your client base.

Click the image above to see a larger view of the Family Information window. Point your mouse at individual items on the window to see concise descriptions of those items. If you wish to return to this window, you may click the "Return to Description" link on the larger image or on the Family link in the menu.